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This months topic: Driving Safety and Safely

A growing number of eyeglass wearers, not to mention eyecare
professionals, are seeing their way clear to learn about
anti-reflective (AR) lenses.  For people who wear glasses, distracting
reflections and glare can rob the eyes of the up to 14 percent of
available light.  AR lenses allow virtually all the available light to
pass through the lens for sharper, clearer, more comfortable vision.
Recent tests prove that people are able to see more clearly with AR
lenses, especially under low light conditions like driving at night.
Key benefits of AR lenses include:

Glare reduction
Wearers see more clearly as the reduction in lens glare increases the
transmission of light to the eye.

Better night vision
AR lenses virtually eliminate reflective lens glare caused by oncoming
headlights, so wearers have better, more comfortable vision for
driving and being outdoors during twilight and night hours.

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