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Lens Info:

We have been recognized as an excelling optical location and named a Transitions Star Specialist by Transitions Optical.  This honor was bestowed on our practice in recognition of our commitment to building a healthy practice.  We are specialists in dispensing Transitions lenses - lenses which change color based on the intensity of sunlight they are exposed to.  Transitions lenses are clear inside and dark out in the sun!

And Now - We Carry Transitions® Vantage Polarized

We now carry Transitions Vantage Lenses - Polarized Transitions lenses.  Enjoy all the benefits of both Transitions Lenses and Polarized Lenses - variable tinting and transitions depending on the exposure to sunlight, and the amazing blinding glare protection from Polarized Lenses.  Ask us about Transitions Vantage lenses at your next visit..

Enhanced Varilux Progressive Lenses

We specialize in dispensing Varilux Progressive lenses to meet the needs of our presbyopic patients - including the new Varilux Physio Enhanced, the newest and most advanced progressive lens on the market. These lenses are both digitally surfaced and created with Wave Front Technology, the same technology used in laser vision correction!

Physio DrX Digital Progressives available at Penn Optical

We specialize in fitting our patients with the progressive lenses best suited to their vision and life style.  Varilux Physio DrX is an amazing digitally surfaced progressive lens which has helped many of our partients see life clearer.

Crizal Lenses with E-SPF

Ask us about Crizal lenses, now with an E-SPF of 25.  These lenses protect your eyes from the suns harmful UV rays 25 times more than whithout glasses.

Also, click below to view some great videos on Crizal lenses